Things to Do in Whanganui NZ: 14 Activities on the North Island

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Discover the best things to do in Whanganui, a charming hidden gem nestled on New Zealand’s North Island. Whether you love exploring history, art, nature, or unique cultural experiences, Whanganui delivers unforgettable adventures. Explore the rich Maori heritage along the Whanganui River and marvel at neoclassical architecture. Immerse yourself in lush nature reserves, or simply soak up the vibrant local vibe.

Whanganui River Adventures: Paddle Steamer Cruises & Kayaking Excursions

The majestic Whanganui River is the heart of the region, and experiencing it is a must-do when visiting Whanganui. Here are two fantastic ways to explore this iconic waterway:

  • Paddle Steamer Cruise: Step back in time on a restored paddle steamer. Relax as you journey through scenic landscapes, learning about the river’s history and significance to Maori culture. It’s a truly unique way to experience Whanganui’s beauty.
  • Kayaking the Whanganui: For a more adventurous experience, grab a kayak and paddle your way through this stunning wilderness. Multi-day kayaking adventures let you camp along the riverbanks, explore hidden side streams, and spot native wildlife.

Why It’s a Must-Do: The Whanganui River offers stunning scenery, a chance to connect with nature, and the opportunity to learn about its historical and cultural importance.

Virginia Lake: A Tranquil Oasis in Whanganui

Escape the hustle and bustle and discover the beauty of Virginia Lake, a peaceful park nestled in the heart of Whanganui. Here’s what this delightful destination offers:

  • Scenic Walks: Stroll along winding paths through the park and surrounding gardens, enjoying picturesque views of the lake.
  • Nature’s Haven: Keep your eyes peeled for graceful black swans, colorful ducks, native bird species, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the resident peacock.
  • Winter Garden & Aviary: Located within Virginia Lake park, explore the lush Winter Garden. Step into this glass-enclosed haven filled with exotic plants and flowers, and discover a vibrant collection of colorful aviary birds.
  • Family Fun: Pack a picnic, relax on a bench, or let the kids enjoy the playground – Virginia Lake offers something for everyone.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Whether you’re seeking a peaceful nature walk, a family-friendly outing, or a unique tropical escape within the park, Virginia Lake promises a delightful experience in Whanganui.

Experience Whanganui’s Community Spirit at the River Markets

Immerse yourself in Whanganui’s vibrant local culture every Saturday morning at the Whanganui River Markets. Here’s what awaits:

  • Local Treasures: Browse unique souvenirs, handcrafted items, and delicious fresh produce.
  • Meet the Makers: Chat with artisans and farmers, getting a true-to-Whanganui shopping experience.
  • A Taste of the Region: Discover local flavors and treats to take home as mementos of your trip.

Why It’s a Must-Do: The Whanganui River Markets are a great way to support the local community, find one-of-a-kind items, and bring the spirit of Whanganui home with you.

Relax on Whanganui’s Beaches: Wild Coastal Beauty

Escape the crowds and enjoy the rugged beauty of Whanganui’s west coast beaches. Here’s why a beach walk is a must-do:

  • Kai Iwi & Castlecliff: Explore beaches defined by dramatic driftwood, crashing waves, and wide spaces to roam.
  • Unique Atmosphere: Experience the wild side of New Zealand’s coast, a stark contrast to the region’s gentle river scenery.
  • A Tranquil Escape: Unwind, breathe the fresh sea air, and enjoy a moment of peace.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Whanganui’s beaches offer a perfect way to connect with nature and experience the diverse beauty New Zealand has to offer.

Explore New Zealand’s Riverboat Era at Whanganui’s Riverboat Museum

Climb aboard and discover the fascinating world of New Zealand’s river transportation history! Here’s what you’ll find at the Riverboat Museum:

  • Interactive Exhibits: Explore the PS Waimarie and other historic vessels, gaining insights into this important part of Whanganui River history.
  • The Power of Steam: Learn how steamboats opened up New Zealand’s interior and played a crucial role in community development.
  • Beyond the Whanganui: Understand the broader context of how riverboats shaped the nation.

Why It’s a Must-Do: The Riverboat Museum offers a unique glimpse into the past and highlights the fascinating role river transportation played in New Zealand.

Discover Whanganui’s History at the Whanganui Regional Museum

Delve into the rich history and heritage of Whanganui at this fascinating museum. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

  • Maori Treasures: Explore artifacts and exhibits that showcase the region’s Maori culture and traditions.
  • Local History: Learn about Whanganui’s development, from early settlement to its present day.
  • Changing Exhibitions: The museum frequently hosts special exhibits on diverse topics, adding even more to explore.

Why It’s a Must-Do: If you’re curious about Whanganui’s history, this museum is the place to start. It’s also a great option for a rainy day activity!

Discover the Wonders of Quartz and More in Whanganui

Ever wondered what quartz is used for besides jewelry? Find out at Whanganui’s unique Quartz Museum! Here’s what makes it special:

  • Amazing Minerals: Explore fascinating specimens of quartz and other minerals from New Zealand and beyond.
  • Beyond Rocks: Discover the surprising everyday products made from quartz.
  • Learn & Explore: Take a guided tour to learn about the world of geology and its impact on our lives.

Why It’s a Must-Do: The Quartz Museum is a fun and unexpected thing to do in Whanganui, offering something interesting for everyone.

For art enthusiasts visiting Whanganui, the Sarjeant Gallery is a must-see destination. Here’s why:

  • Impressive Collection: Explore a renowned collection of New Zealand and international art, including paintings, sculptures, and more.
  • Beautiful Setting: The gallery’s historic building adds to the aesthetic experience.
  • Dynamic Exhibitions: Check out the gallery’s schedule for rotating exhibits, workshops, and other exciting events.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply enjoy exploring cultural spaces, the Sarjeant Gallery promises a memorable addition to your Whanganui trip.

Watch Art Unfold: New Zealand Glassworks in Whanganui

Experience the magic of glassblowing at the New Zealand Glassworks, a must-do for art lovers and anyone seeking a unique activity in Whanganui. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Artists in Action: Watch skilled glassblowers transform molten glass into incredible works of art.
  • Stunning Gallery: Browse the gallery’s beautiful glass creations and find unique pieces to take home.
  • Get Creative: Try your hand at glassblowing! Take a class and create your own special piece.

Why It’s a Must-Do: The New Zealand Glassworks offers a fascinating glimpse into a beautiful art form and the chance to create something truly unique.

Durie Hill: Iconic Whanganui Views & Historical Charm

Discover breathtaking panoramas and a unique slice of Whanganui history at Durie Hill. Here’s what awaits:

  • The Durie Hill Elevator: Experience a touch of history as you ascend in this charming 1919 elevator. Be rewarded with stunning views of Whanganui and the winding river – a fun and authentic way to experience the city.
  • War Memorial Tower: Take a short walk from the elevator to reach the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower. Soak in sweeping vistas of the cityscape and countryside, and take a moment to reflect by this poignant WWI memorial.
  • Unforgettable Experience: The carillon bells add a unique atmosphere to your visit, making this more than just a scenic viewpoint.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Durie Hill offers a must-do combination in Whanganui: breathtaking views, a glimpse into the city’s past, and a uniquely Whanganui experience on the historic elevator.

Kowhai Park: Fun for the Whole Family in Whanganui

Looking for a place to let the kids burn off energy in Whanganui? Kowhai Park is the perfect spot! Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Whimsical Playground: Kids will love the pirate ship, paddling pool, and other fun play equipment.
  • Riverside Setting: Pack a picnic and relax by the river while the kids play.
  • More Than Just Play: Check if there are walking paths, sports facilities, or other amenities to extend your visit.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Kowhai Park is a great option for families visiting Whanganui, offering a place to play and unwind in a scenic environment.

Explore the Beauty of Bason Botanic Gardens in Whanganui

Discover a world of color and fragrance at the Bason Botanic Gardens, a vibrant Whanganui attraction spread over 25 acres. Here’s what awaits:

  • Diverse Gardens: Stroll through themed gardens, admire sculptures, and find peaceful spots to relax.
  • More Than Flowers: Attend workshops, seasonal events, and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere the gardens offer throughout the year.
  • Accessible Beauty: Many areas of the gardens are designed to be accessible for all visitors.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Whether you’re a plant enthusiast, seeking a tranquil escape, or looking for family-friendly activities in Whanganui, Bason Botanic Gardens has something special to offer.

Untamed Wilderness: Explore Whanganui National Park

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of New Zealand at Whanganui National Park. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Pristine Forests: Hike trails winding through ancient forests and discover hidden waterfalls.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Keep an eye out for New Zealand’s rare birds and unique wildlife.
  • The Whanganui River: Paddle the scenic Whanganui River, opting for a short kayak trip or a multi-day adventure.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Whanganui National Park offers a chance to experience New Zealand’s wild side, whether you’re seeking challenging hikes, serene nature walks, or thrilling river journeys.

A Bird Lover’s Paradise: Bushy Park Tarapuruhi in Whanganui

Discover a haven for native New Zealand birds in the heart of Whanganui. Here’s what makes Bushy Park Tarapuruhi a must-do for birdwatchers:

  • Incredible Birdlife: Spot kiwi, kaka, royal spoonbills, and more amidst pristine native forest.
  • Easy Access: Walk well-maintained tracks for a comfortable birdwatching experience.
  • Protect & Preserve: Your visit helps support wildlife conservation efforts in the park.

Why It’s a Must-Do: Bushy Park Tarapuruhi offers a remarkable opportunity to encounter New Zealand’s unique birds in a protected setting, making it a highlight for nature lovers visiting Whanganui.

Whanganui invites you on a journey full of unforgettable experiences! Explore the top things to do in Whanganui, where the vibrant local community, rich Maori heritage, thrilling riverboat journeys, and stunning landscapes will leave a lasting impression. Explore this North Island gem’s hidden treasures, create cherished memories, and discover its unique warmth. Start planning your Whanganui adventure today – a world of wonder and surprises awaits!