Things to Do in Sooke, BC: Hikes, Whale Watching, Beaches & Beyond

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Discover the best things to do in Sooke, British Columbia! Nestled on Vancouver Island’s rugged southern tip, Sooke offers breathtaking outdoor adventures, coastal charm, and delicious local flavors. From thrilling whale watching encounters to scenic hikes and relaxing beach walks, Sooke promises an unforgettable West Coast escape.

Outdoor Things to Do in Sooke: Hiking, Swimming & More

Sooke is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, beckoning you to immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Vancouver Island. Here are the top spots to start your exploration:

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park: Hike, Swim, & Explore Unique Rock Formations

  • Activity Type: Hiking, swimming, nature observation
  • Location: Sooke River Road
  • What to Bring: Hiking shoes, swimsuit, towel, water bottle, snacks
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Discover a geological wonder sculpted by the Sooke River. Hike trails ranging from easy to moderate, cool off in natural pools, and admire the park’s unique rock formations.
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer is ideal for swimming, but Sooke Potholes is beautiful year-round. Weekdays are less crowded.

East Sooke Regional Park: Coastal Hiking with Breathtaking Views

  • Activity Type: Hiking, coastal exploration, wildlife viewing
  • Location: East Sooke
  • What to Bring: Good hiking shoes, water, snacks, binoculars (optional), camera
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Embark on scenic coastal hikes with panoramic ocean views on East Sooke’s trails. Experience diverse terrain, from lush forests to rocky shorelines. Spot birds and marine wildlife during your hike.
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring and fall offer pleasant hiking temperatures, while summer boasts warmer weather and longer days.

Whiffin Spit

  • Activity Type: Beach walks, birdwatching, relaxation
  • Location: Sooke Basin
  • What to Bring: Beach towel or chair, binoculars (optional), camera
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Stroll along this picturesque sandbar and soak up the tranquility. Enjoy excellent birdwatching opportunities. Unwind and admire the beauty of the Sooke Basin.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime, but especially during low tide for maximum beach exploration.

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

  • Activity Type: Sightseeing, photography, history
  • Location: Sheringham Point Road
  • What to Bring: Camera
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Capture stunning photos of this iconic lighthouse and the sweeping ocean vistas. Learn about Sooke’s maritime history.
  • Best Time to Visit: Visit anytime for scenic views, but sunsets are particularly magical.

Sooke Water Activities: Whale Watching, Kayaking, Fishing

Sooke’s location on the Strait of Juan de Fuca offers endless opportunities for aquatic adventures. Here’s how to make a splash:

Whale Watching Tours in Sooke: Spot Orcas & More

  • Activity Type: Wildlife viewing, boat tours
  • Location: Departs from Sooke Harbour
  • What to Bring: Warm, layered clothing (it gets chilly on the water), camera, binoculars (optional), sunscreen, hat
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Embark on a thrilling boat tour to witness majestic whales in their natural habitat near Sooke. Spot orcas, humpback whales, gray whales, sea lions, and other incredible marine life.
  • Best Time to Visit: Peak whale watching season is May-October. Book tours in advance, especially during the summer.

Kayaking & Paddleboarding Sooke: Explore the Coastline

  • Activity Type: Water sports, exploration
  • Location: Rentals available in Sooke Basin or nearby marinas
  • What to Bring: Lifejacket, appropriate clothing for the weather, water bottle, snacks (optional), dry bag for valuables
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Explore Sooke’s calm waters and scenic coastline at your own pace. Enjoy a unique perspective on the region’s natural beauty and encounter marine wildlife up close.
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer offers the most reliable weather, but kayaking/paddleboarding is possible year-round in Sooke with proper preparation.

Fishing in Sooke: Catch Salmon, Halibut, & More

  • Activity Type: Sportfishing
  • Location: Charters depart from Sooke, or fish from shore (license required)
  • What to Bring: Fishing gear (or use charter equipment), fishing license, warm layers, rain gear, snacks, drinks
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Sooke is a renowned fishing destination with abundant salmon, halibut, and other species. Join an experienced charter for prime fishing spots around Sooke or try your luck from shore.
  • Best Time to Visit: Fishing is excellent year-round in Sooke, but target species vary by season.

Where to Eat in Sooke: Fresh Seafood & Local Flavors

Craft Beers
Craft Beers

Sooke delights the taste buds with fresh flavors and a laid-back dining scene. Here’s where to find culinary gems:

Local Cafes and Restaurants

  • Activity Type: Casual dining, fresh seafood, local fare
  • Location: Scattered throughout Sooke, with a concentration in the town center
  • What to Bring: An appetite for local flavors!
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Discover Sooke’s charming cafes and restaurants serving up delicious West Coast cuisine. Sample fresh-caught seafood at West Coast Grill (try their famous fish & chips!), or savor farm-to-table dishes at Mom’s Cafe. Enjoy cozy atmospheres and diverse cuisine options throughout Sooke’s dining scene.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime, but be sure to check individual restaurant hours and consider reservations, especially during peak season.

Farmers Markets

  • Activity Type: Shopping, local produce, artisan products
  • Location: Check the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce website for market locations and schedules
  • What to Bring: Tote bag, cash (some vendors may not accept cards)
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Immerse yourself in Sooke’s community spirit and find the freshest local produce, baked goods, and unique artisan creations like handcrafted jewelry.
  • Best Time to Visit: Markets typically run during warmer months. Arrive early for the best selection.

Sooke Brewing Company

  • Activity Type: Craft beer tasting, brewery tours (sometimes offered)
  • Location: Check the brewery’s website for address and hours
  • What to Bring: Your love of craft beer!
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Sample locally brewed craft beers and discover Sooke’s vibrant brewing scene. Many breweries offer tasting flights and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime the brewery is open. Weekends can be busier.

Cultural Things to Do in Sooke: Museums & Galleries

Delve into Sooke’s history and artistic spirit with these enriching experiences:

Sooke Region Museum & Visitor Centre

  • Activity Type: Museum, history, local information
  • Location: Downtown Sooke
  • What to Bring: A sense of curiosity!
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Explore Sooke’s fascinating past, from First Nations heritage to its logging and fishing industries. Discover engaging exhibits and gain insights from knowledgeable staff about the history of Sooke.
  • Best Time to Visit: Open year-round; check the museum’s website for current hours of operation.

Local Art Galleries and Artisan Shops

  • Activity Type: Art appreciation, shopping
  • Location: Various locations throughout Sooke
  • What to Bring: Appreciation for local art, and perhaps some spending money if you find unique treasures
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Discover the creativity of Sooke’s artists. Browse galleries like Gallery by Sooke Arts Council and Sooke Fine Arts Gallery, showcasing a diverse range of paintings, sculptures, and more. Find unique souvenirs and gifts at shops like Little Vienna Bakery and Saltwest Naturals.
  • Best Time to Visit: Gallery and shop hours vary, but most are open during regular business hours. Check the Tourism Sooke website or individual business websites for details.

Day Trips from Sooke: Port Renfrew, Victoria & Hiking

Expand your adventures beyond Sooke with these worthwhile day trips:

Port Renfrew

  • Activity Type: Scenic drive, hiking, beachcombing, exploring tide pools
  • Location: About a 2-hour drive from Sooke
  • What to Bring: Hiking shoes (if exploring trails), beach gear, picnic lunch (limited dining options)
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Experience the wild beauty of Vancouver Island’s west coast. Hike to Botanical Beach, renowned for its tide pools teeming with colorful sea stars, anemones, and other marine life. Explore Avatar Grove, home to ancient giant trees, and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Best Time to Visit: Year-round, but summer offers better weather for hiking and beach exploration.

Juan de Fuca Trail

  • Activity Type: Hiking, backpacking, coastal wilderness
  • Location: Various access points near Sooke
  • What to Bring: Hiking/backpacking gear, food, water, map (trail is well-marked)
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the iconic 47km Juan de Fuca Trail. Choose from shorter day hikes to access stunning beaches like Mystic Beach and Sombrio Beach, or plan a multi-day backpacking trip for a true wilderness experience.
  • Best Time to Visit: May-September for ideal hiking conditions, but accessible year-round for experienced hikers with proper gear.


  • Activity Type: City exploration, museums, gardens, shopping
  • Location: Approximately a 1-hour drive from Sooke
  • What to Bring: Comfortable walking shoes, camera, an appetite for urban experiences
  • Why It’s a Must-Visit: Discover the charm of British Columbia’s capital city. Explore the fascinating Royal BC Museum, stroll through the breathtaking Butchart Gardens, enjoy afternoon tea at the iconic Fairmont Empress Hotel, or wander the shops of the Inner Harbour.
  • Best Time to Visit: Victoria is lovely year-round, with peak season in summer.

Sooke Accommodations: Hotels, B&Bs, Camping

Sooke offers a range of accommodations to suit your style and budget:

  • Hotels & Resorts: Experience comfort and amenities at properties like the Prestige Oceanfront Resort and Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina, offering ocean views, dining options, and spa services.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: Enjoy a cozy and personalized stay at charming B&Bs like 17 Mile Oceanfront B&B or the oceanfront Sooke Harbour House, known for their delicious breakfasts and local insights.
  • Vacation Rentals: Find more space and flexibility in privately owned rental homes, cabins, or cottages. Perfect for families or groups seeking a self-catering option.
  • Camping: Get back to nature at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park Campgrounds or nearby French Beach Provincial Park Campgrounds. Enjoy basic amenities and a true outdoors experience.

Tips for Choosing Your Sooke Accommodation:

  • Prioritize location: Do you prefer being in the heart of Sooke, closer to nature, or a secluded waterfront setting?
  • Consider amenities: What’s essential for you – a pool, on-site restaurants, a kitchen, or pet-friendly policies?
  • Check your budget: Accommodation prices in Sooke vary depending on type, location, and season.
  • Book early: Especially during peak season (summer), popular places fill up fast!
  • Look for deals: Many accommodations offer special packages or discounts, particularly during shoulder seasons.
  • Resources: Websites like Sooke Region Tourism Association, Airbnb, and VRBO are great places to start your accommodation search.

Getting to Sooke & Transportation Tips

Getting to Sooke

  • By Car: Sooke is easily accessible by car from Victoria along the scenic Highway 14. The drive takes approximately 1 hour. If traveling from mainland British Columbia, you’ll need to take a BC Ferries sailing to Vancouver Island.
  • By Bus: BC Transit offers regular bus service (#61) connecting Sooke with Victoria. Check their website for schedules, fares, and bus stop locations.
  • By Air: The nearest airports are Victoria International Airport (YYJ) and Nanaimo Airport (YCD). From either airport, you can rent a car, arrange an airport shuttle, or connect to public transportation to reach Sooke.

Getting Around Sooke

  • By Car: If you plan on exploring beyond the town center, having a car provides the most flexibility and access to trailheads and remote beaches.
  • By Bus: BC Transit offers limited local bus service within Sooke for transportation. Check their website for routes and schedules.
  • By Taxi: Sooke Taxi and Juan de Fuca Taxi offer taxi services in Sooke.
  • By Bike: Some areas of Sooke are bike-friendly, particularly around the town center. Check for bike rentals if interested.
  • On Foot: The core of Sooke is walkable, allowing you to explore shops, restaurants, and the waterfront easily.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, culinary delights, cultural experiences, or simply a serene escape amidst stunning natural beauty, Sooke promises an unforgettable West Coast getaway. Start planning your Sooke adventure today, and prepare to fall in love with this Vancouver Island gem! For more information, helpful resources, and to book your dream stay, visit the Tourism Sooke website